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Frog Cellsat Repeaters are used to enhance the network coverage by extending the Radio Frequency (RF) coverage to areas, which either lack signal, or the required signal strength for adequate mobile phone performance.

Indoor repeaters overcome insufficient wireless coverage in indoor areas such as office buildings, parking garages, apartment buildings, shopping malls and residential houses. Outdoor repeaters provide wireless coverage in outdoor areas degraded by geographic topologies such as mountains, valleys, dense foliage and high rise urban landscapes.

We offer a highly diversified repeater portfolio, uniquely addressing each key differentiator such as:
1. Cellular Technology – CDMA, GSM, EGSM, DCS, UMTS, LTE
2. Bandwidth Variant – Channel Selective, Band Selective, Wideband
3. Transmission Media – RF, Optical
4. Output Power – Low, Medium, High
5. Application – Indoor, Outdoor

Frog Cellsat Repeaters provide users with many advantages like

  •  Covering propagation black spots
  •  Coverage extension inside buildings
  •  Coverage extension outdoors
  •  Enhancing quality of service

Our diverse portfolio includes –

  • Home Repeaters
  • Wideband Repeaters
  • Band Selective Repeaters
  • Frequency Shift Repeaters
  • Optical Repeaters
  • ICS Repeaters



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