Power Supply Distribution Unit

Power Supply Distribution Unit is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the growing demands of reliable and efficient DC power distribution in telecommunications and networking environments. With advanced features and robust design, the power supply unit ensures optimal performance and flexibility in managing power distribution.

DC Power Supply Distribution Unit 9 In 9 Out

Rated Working Voltage (U1), V : DC - 48
No. of DC Breaker switch : 9
No. of Output Connectors : 9
Connection Mode : Parallel Dual-Port
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (U2), V : DC - 75
Protection Modes : Differential Mode, Common Mode
Rated Discharge Current I1 (8/20 us), kA : 10 (V+~V-)
Rated Discharge Current I2 (8/20 us), kA : 15 (V+/V-~PE)
Maximum Discharge Current I3 (8/20μs), kA : 20
Rated Load Current (I), A : Total Input: ≤100
Single Circuit Output: ≤20

DC Power Supply Distribution Unit 10 In 10 Out

Nominal Operating Voltage, V : DC - 48
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage, V : DC-75
Protection Modes : -48V—RTN, -48V—PE, RTN—PE
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20 us waveform) : -48V—RTN : 10kA; -48V—PE : 15kA; RTN—PE : 15kA
Max. Discharge Current (8/20 us waveform) : -48V—RTN : 15kA; -48V—PE : 15kA; RTN—PE : 15kA
Rated Load Current Inputs : Two inputs in parallel, maximum 100A for each input and 160A for two inputs in parallel
Rated Load Current Outputs : 10 outputs, rated current 16A or Max. current 25A for each output
Connection : Serial connection
Distribution Capacity : 2 inputs and 10 outputs