Our Star Products

Frog Cellsat Designs and Manufacturers Mobile Network coverage equipment (including ODAS, Digital DAS and Repeaters) and Network accessories (including Cavity Filters, Jumpers, IBS antenna, etc). People at Frog Cellsat Ltd are passionate about developing and delivering coverage and capacity solutions and services for legacy as well as next-generation wireless and broadband networks.

Our Star Product portfolio includes:


Frog Cellsat's oneDAS™, a complete network coverage solution which supports multiple technologies and multiple operators, succeeds in integrating and delivering capacity for large coverage areas. In its endeavor to cater to the dynamic demand of the industry, oneDAS™ is a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable cellular coverage solution. Understanding the network topologies and system complexities, we provide both Fiber and Digital DAS solutions to meet your requirements.

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Frog Cellsat Ltd. is a leading global provider of wireless coverage solutions. Covering a complete spectrum of communication technologies. Frog Cellsat designs and manufactures various kind of repeaters ranging from Indoor Low Power to Outdoor High Power and FSRs, Channel Selective to Band Selective, Optical to Digital Repeaters, Home Repeaters to Intelligent BCCH Repeaters.

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Frog Cellsat, a Carrier class coverage enhancement solution provider is known for its quality products and trusted by Telecom Operators, Radio Access Network Vendors and Installation Service providers. The RF cavity filters and combiners portfolio of Frog Cellsat includes Wide band combiners (700MHz – 2700MHz), Rejection filters, Diplexers, Triplexers, Quadplexers and Same Band Combiners. Frog Cellsat Jumper cable assemblies are specially developed for applications where low VSWR and low attenuation combined with low intermodulation products are required.

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