To seamlessly meet the RF coverage and capacity requirements inside the buildings, Frog's OneDAS is the leading active solution for Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

OneDAS™ is the latest innovative DAS platform developed to meet in-building cellular connectivity needs. It is a Multi Band, Multi Technologie & Multi Operator system. It is easily monitored for diagnostics through our NMS system, F-Mon and Internal Wireless Modem.

OneDAS™ leverages the potential of multiple distributed antennas for enhanced RF coverage in subways, tunnels, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, parking areas, and high rise buildings.

Active DAS consists of four-stage system i.e. Point of Interface (POI), Master Optical Unit (MOU) & Remote Optical Unit (ROU) & Network Monitoring System(NMS).


POI interface connects various BTS, Small cells, and Repeaters to the MOU.

The POI shelf consists of different interface modules, each supporting a single band, which in turn can be connected to different carriers.


MOU provides the interface to the POI and converts RF signals to optical and connects via fiber to Remote Units.

It's Technology-Agnostic System and supports multi-operators with multi-technologies.


It converts Optical signal into RF Signal and amplifies the signal for transmission to or from a mobile device.

Like the rest of the system, the remote is a wideband unit capable of supporting all major cellular bands and technologies including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WCDMA and LTE.


F-Mon (Frog Monitor) is Frog Cellsat's revolutionary Network Monitoring System that facilitates Monitoring and Control of OneDAS System.

This is a proprietary software that conducts remote real-time supervision of Frog OneDAS System.