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Line Amplifiers

Frog Cellsat's Line amplifier is an economical solution to extend coverage for passive distribution antenna systems (Passive DAS). It can be easily implemented along with existing BTS/Repeater for indoor coverage extension. The product displays a high level of linear design and can be conveniently installed and maintained at the required location.


» High performance with easy deployment and maintenance, low cost and high     reliability.
» Compatible with widely used cellular technologies including CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS,     WCDMA, LTE.
» Available in single-band and multi-band settings (up to Tri-Band) to support multiple     technologies.
» Adherence to ETSI / GSM / 3GPP compliance for Spurious Emission and
    Inter-modulation     products.
» Available in different power levels based on the coverage enhancement required     (33dBm,    37dBm, 40 dBm and 43 dBm).
» Manual Gain Control to adjust the gain level for optimal functioning of the amplifier.
» Easily monitored for diagnostics through our NMS system, F-Mon and Internal
    Wireless Modem.




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